Sifting Through the Soil: The Difference Between Screened vs Unscreened Topsoil for Your Alpharetta Garden

by | Feb 14, 2024 | Garden

You’re standing there, in the heart of Alpharetta, with a vision to transform a patch of land into a lush green oasis. As you try to figure out your first steps, you need to understand that the success of your garden hinges on the foundation you lay. That is where topsoil comes into play. It is the unsung hero beneath our feet. But not all topsoil is created equal, and you may find yourself trying to figure out the difference between screened and unscreened topsoil. Here at Mulch Pros, we’re all about giving you the dirt on, well, dirt.

Screened Topsoil: The Fine Print

Think of screened topsoil as the VIP of soils. It’s been through the wringer, quite literally, passed through a screen to remove any clumps, stones, or botanical bric-a-brac. It’s the soil that doesn’t play hard to get, allowing roots to spread without a fight and water to waltz through effortlessly. If you’re looking to nurture delicate flower beds or a vegetable garden that would make your neighbors green with envy, screened topsoil is your ticket.

Unscreened Topsoil: The Rough Around the Edges

Now, unscreened topsoil is the wild card as the rugged individualist of the soil world. It is topsoil in its natural state—complete with clods, stones, and the occasional archaeological find. It’s not one for the spotlight, but it shines in its own right. If you’re sculpting a landscape, filling in the voids of your terrain, or laying the groundwork for construction projects, unscreened topsoil has the heft you need at a price that doesn’t dig too deep into your pockets.

Screened Topsoil vs Unscreened: Which to Choose?

So, here’s the million-dollar question in Alpharetta’s world of landscaping—screened vs unscreened topsoil, which reigns supreme? It’s not about crowning a winner but choosing the right contender for the right arena. Screened topsoil takes the crown for cultivation and areas covered in grass, while unscreened is the workhorse for construction. And sometimes, it’s a tag team effort—a layer of unscreened below for robust support, capped with screened finesse to pamper those petunias.

Cultivate With Confidence

It’s all about letting your garden’s purpose dictate the dirt. So, whether you’re crafting a backyard Eden with screened topsoil or laying the groundwork for your Alpharetta legacy with unscreened, we’re here to make sure you’re shoveling smart. Visit us at Mulch Pros Landscape Supply to find out about our topsoil in Alpharetta. Your first step to a flourishing garden begins with a scoop of our top-tier topsoil.

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