Brown Mulch

$3195 cubic yard

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Brown Mulch

$3195 cubic yard

Product Description

Our forest brown dyed mulch will give your home or business a natural, classic look. It is the most popular mulch product among our customers near Alpharetta, GA. The shredded mulch is made from the wood of hardwood forest and landscape debris. Our mulch is never made with construction debris or pallet wood, which may contain nails or harmful chemicals. The wood is double ground for medium shredded mulch size. Mulch is screened for product consistency and quality. Then an environmentally friendly brown dye is sprayed on the natural mulch shreds. The dye will last about one year if installed and maintained properly. It is important that dyed mulches be able to dry completely after installation. Do not install mulch prior to rain. The dye needs at least 8 hours of drying after spreading to cure. For the longest-lasting color, we recommend turning your mulch over once every three to four months.

Colored Mulch Drying Time Tips

  • Colored mulch should be applied at a depth of 2 to 3 inches and should slope away from buildings for proper water runoff.
  • Mulch might still be damp upon delivery and might not dry completely until spread.
  • Use a tarp to protect concrete from staining. An additional tarp is useful to cover your mulch pile to protect from rain.
  • Install colored mulch on a sunny day with no rain in the forecast for at least 24 hours.

Colored Mulch Dye Is Safe For Plants, Pets, & People

When you buy brown color-enhanced mulch, you can be sure the colorant is certified as safe. The certification process ensures that the brown pigments have been produced with rigid quality-control measures. Independent lab testing makes certain the colorants’ heavy-metal levels are well below EPA toxicity guidelines and that they contain no detectable volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making them non-toxic to the skin, eyes, lungs, and other internal systems.

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Delivery Areas

Alpharetta, GA

Cumming, GA

Roswell, GA

Dunwoody, GA

Milton, GA

Johns Creek, GA

Suwanee, GA

Product Specs

Weight 500 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 yd


Color Enhanced



Shredded Wood

Material Source

Hardwood Trees

Unit Size

Cubic Yard

Delivery Options

Pickup, Delivery, Installation

Coverage at 1" Depth

324 sq ft

Coverage at 2" Depth

162 sq ft

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