Long Needle Pine Straw

$495 bale

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SKU: pinestraw-longneedle Category:

Long Needle Pine Straw

$495 bale

SKU: pinestraw-longneedle Category:

High Quality Long Needle Pine Straw

Our Long Needle Pine Straw is a popular choice for homeowners and landscapers seeking an attractive and eco-friendly ground cover solution. Longleaf pine trees produce the highest quality pine needles. Sourced from sustainable pine forests, this high-quality product provides numerous benefits to your landscape while enhancing its overall appearance.

Long Needle Pine Straw Features:

  • Needle Length: Our Long Needle Pine Straw boasts an impressive needle length of 14 inches, offering superior coverage and performance compared to shorter varieties. The longer needles create a visually appealing texture that adds depth and interest to your landscape design.
  • Hand-Packed Bales: Our pine straw bales are hand-packed for tight, clean bales.
  • Color and Aesthetics: With its rich, earthy tones ranging from reddish-brown to bronze, Long Needle Pine Straw adds a natural and vibrant touch to your outdoor space. Its unique coloration complements various plant species and garden styles, creating a cohesive and picturesque look.
  • Durability and Longevity: Known for its resistance to decomposition, Long Needle Pine Straw maintains its structure and visual appeal for an extended period. This long-lasting ground cover requires less frequent replacement, saving you time and effort in maintaining your landscape.

Long Needle Pine Straw Benefits and Uses:

  • Soil Health: Long Needle Pine Straw effectively controls erosion, keeping your soil intact during heavy rain. It also retains moisture, reducing the need for frequent watering and promoting healthy plant growth.
  • Weed Control: Pine straw mulch can suppress weeds in your flower beds by blocking sunlight, keeping your garden looking pristine and well-maintained.
  • Lowers Soil pH: Pine needle mulch is a great option for certain plants that like slightly more acidic soil, such as hydrangeas, azaleas, and rhododendrons.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Harvested from renewable sources, our Long Needle Pine Straw is an eco-conscious choice for your landscaping needs. It's biodegradable, ensuring minimal impact on the environment as it breaks down over time.
  • Versatility: Ideal for various landscape designs, Long Needle Pine Straw can be used in gardens, along pathways, or as a soft and natural surface for playgrounds. Its adaptability makes it an invaluable addition to any outdoor space.

Pine Straw Installation and Maintenance:

  • Proper Installation Techniques: For optimal results, we recommend spreading Long Needle Pine Straw 3-4 inches deep. Ensure an even application to create a consistent and visually appealing ground cover.
  • Maintenance Tips: Periodically refresh the pine straw by adding a new layer as needed, typically once or twice per year. Regularly inspect for weed growth and manage it accordingly to maintain a pristine landscape.

Pine Straw Delivery Options:

We offer several delivery options to customers within our North Atlanta delivery area.

  • Self-Pickup: Visit our store located at 7404 Majors Road, Cumming, GA 30040.
  • Driveway Delivery: Get our Long Needle Pine Straw delivered straight to your property.
  • Professional Installation: If a customer requires Long Needle Pine Straw spread, we recommend our Professional Installation Service.

Upgrade your landscape with our Long Needle Pine Straw, and experience the perfect combination of beauty, functionality, and sustainability. Choose this exceptional ground cover solution and transform your garden beds today!

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Product Specs

Weight 14 lbs
Coverage / Bale

40 sq ft (approximate & varies)

Needle Length

Up to 14 inches

Bale Type


Bale Size

27" x 14" x 14" (approximate & varies)

Bale Weight

20 lbs (approximate & varies)

Straw Type

Pine Needles

Source Tree Species

Longleaf Pine (Pinus Palustris)

Delivery Options

Pickup, Delivery, Installation

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