Landscape Supply & Mulch Delivery Alpharetta, GA

Landscape Supply in Alpharetta, GA

We are known around Alpharetta as the Best Mulch Supplier in the area. But we sell more than just mulch!

Mulch Delivery in Alpharetta

Homeowners in Alpharetta care about their home’s appearance. The first thing visitors will notice is your landscaping and gardens. A fresh layer of mulch provides the greatest impact on curb appeal as well as a natural ground cover solution to care for your trees and shrubs.

Mulch Pros Landscape Supply delivers bulk mulch to all residents and businesses in Alpharetta and the surrounding area. We are the only option for online ordering and text message order updates.

Top Mulch Products Alpharetta, GA

Shop All Mulch Products

  • Brown Mulch

    Brown Mulch

    $31.95 cubic yard
  • Black Mulch

    Black Mulch

    $31.95 cubic yard
  • Kid-Safe Playground Surfacing Mulch

    Kid-Safe™ Playground Mulch

    $36.95 cubic yard
  • Hardwood Mulch

    Hardwood Mulch

    $27.94 cubic yard

Alpharetta Pine Straw

  • Long Needle Pine Straw

    Long Needle Pine Straw

    $4.95 bale
  • Slash (Short Needle) Pine Straw

    Slash (Short Needle) Pine Straw

    $4.25 bale

Dirt & Topsoil Blends in Alpharetta, GA

  • Landscaper’s Mix Soil

    Landscaper’s Mix Soil

    $34.95 cubic yard
  • Fill Dirt

    Unscreened Fill Dirt

    $22.95 cubic yard
  • Sale! Screened Topsoil

    Screened Topsoil

    $29.95 cubic yard
  • Screened Fill Dirt

    Screened Fill Dirt

    $28.95 cubic yard

We Make Landscaping Projects Easier.

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