Bulk Mulch vs. Bagged: Which is Better?

by | Nov 28, 2023 | Mulching

Mulching is a critical part of garden care and maintenance. It enhances your garden’s appearance, keeps weeds at bay, and improves water retention. While there are different types of mulch to choose from, you first need to decide whether to get your mulch in bulk or in bags. Let us make a comparison to settle the old bulk vs bagged mulch debate and help you make an informed choice.

Bulk Mulch

One vital consideration when choosing whether to buy bagged mulch vs bulk mulch is cost. While the price of bulk mulch can vary depending on your location, type of mulch, and supplier, it is still considerably cheaper compared to bagged mulch.

A cubic yard of basic wood mulch can cost between $25 to $35. This is about $1–$1.30 per cubic foot. In comparison, a 2 cubic-foot bag of commercial mulch will set you back $4–$7, which is $2–$3.50 per cubic foot.

Bulk mulch is also fresh as it is ground and sold immediately. By contrast, bagged mulch can sit in the supplier’s store for months.

However, bulk mulch can be labor-intensive as you will need to manually shovel it around your garden beds. It also requires more storage space.

Bagged Mulch

Bagged mulch, as the name suggests, is usually sold in pre-packaged bags. The biggest upside to bagged mulch is the convenience it offers when it comes to transportation and application. You can easily move bagged mulch around your garden beds without making a mess. Similarly, bagged mulch is easier to store as you can keep unused bags for later use.

So, is bag mulch better than bulk? Well, despite these benefits, bagged mulch can be expensive if you need to apply it over a large area. It also comes with a lot of plastic waste material, making clean-up more tasking.

Bag Mulch vs Bulk Mulch: Which Should You Buy?

Both bulk and bagged mulch offer unique benefits and downsides. If you own a large garden/farm or have a limited budget, then consider buying bulk mulch. Conversely, if you are applying mulch on sloppy terrain, working on a small garden bed, or mulching around trees, bagged mulch might be ideal as it is easier to move around.

Whichever option you decide on, always ensure you get your mulch from a reputable supplier. If you are looking for the best bagged and bulk mulch in Johns Creek, contact Mulch Pros for the best deals.

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