Should I Mulch Around Trees or Not? Yes, and Here’s Why

by | Sep 21, 2023 | Mulching

When it comes to nurturing your trees, the question “Should I mulch around trees?” has left many gardeners perplexed. However, the answer is a resounding “Yes.” So why do you put mulch around trees? Here is why.

Temperature TLC

Why do you mulch around trees? Mulching keeps the roots cool when the sun’s blazing and warm when frosty winds howl. Adding mulch gives the roots the climate control they deserve.

Weed Warfare

So, why put mulch around trees? Weeds are the unruly gate crashers at your tree’s garden party, gobbling up all the goodies. But fear not—mulch is the bouncer that keeps these freeloaders at bay. With its impenetrable layer, it’s like setting up a “No Entry” sign for those pesky intruders. Say goodbye to weed wars and hello to a harmonious tree-soil relationship. Why put mulch around trees? To show those unwanted guests who’s the boss.

Moisture Retention

Water, the lifeblood of trees, plays the starring role here. Mulch acts like a savvy personal assistant, ensuring the soil retains moisture. It ensures there’s less evaporation and less need for constant watering. Why use mulch around trees in Milton? To keep your trees quenched and flourishing without the hassle.

Soil Spa Treatment

Mulch, as it decomposes, becomes a lavish feast for the earth, feeding it with all the right nutrients. Your trees revel in this luxurious, nutrient-packed soil spa, growing those roots deep and strong.

Erosion Evasion

When the rain decides to throw a tantrum in Milton, your trees are often the ones caught in the crossfire. But fret not, because mulch acts as a reliable raincoat, shielding those precious roots from erosion. It’s like building an invisible fortress to keep the soil intact, ensuring your trees stay firmly rooted.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much mulch should I use around my trees?

The golden rule is 2 to 4 inches—enough to give your trees a snuggly embrace without suffocating them.

What type of mulch should I use?

There’s a whole mulch universe out there, from wood chips to bark and even compost. Pick the one that suits your tree’s taste.


So, why mulch around trees? Because a little mulch in Milton goes a long way in keeping your trees healthy, hearty, and ready to embrace the changing seasons. For the best experience that will make your trees dance with joy, contact Mulch Pros.

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